I am honored & humbled to have veterans support! You have my commitment to listen, plan and take action to your issues & needs. Privatizing the VA is NOT an option.  Taking care of our vets after returning home is equally important as when serving.  Women Veterans need our help too. I am committed to fix this. 


Jeff Schiff, Chief Master Sergeant

I find it interesting how many candidates are now coming out of the woodwork since District 11 has been "ungerrymanded" and Trumps boyfriend, Meadows decided not to run for re-election. I don't have any skin in this game, but I've been watching Steve Woodsmall working almost every day, meeting people, attending various organizations to listen to peoples concerns and developing a platform that works for us folks in Western North Carolina. When he decided to run, he didn't know that his district would change.  He didn't know that Meadows would decide to quit.  It appears that he believes he can do a better job for his constituents and I for one, believe it.

Jeff Schiff

CMSgt, USAF (ret)

David Crompton, Army Veteran

When I look at the character of someone I ask many questions. One is this... do they have the guts and courage to fight the fight when the road is hard. When I met Major Woodsmall two years ago he impressed me right off, he’s a look-you-in-the-eye-man, that’s a great trait. 

Anyway, this past year when the district was completely gerrymandered he was out working everyday to tell his story, listen to all our issues and listen to our problems to gain our vote. It didn’t matter that it was an uphill battle to fight Meadows and the trump coalition. Everyday for nine months, big crowds, small crowds didn’t matter, he was out here. He listened and gained information about what we want and need in WNC. He was a man facing a mountain and taking the Hill one step at a time, never wavering in his belief that WNC deserves better. He is a man of character and commitment. 

Now that Meadows tucked and ran towards the Orange One in the Oval Office and the district has restored fair boundaries... Democrats are coming out of the woods to run for NC11. 

I ask all of those suddenly joining this race… Where have you been this past year? Was the fight too hard? Were you afraid of defeat? 

As a military man i ask myself, would I fight in a foxhole with that person... I’d be in a foxhole with Steve Woodsmall ANY day and ANY place with my life on the line... ask yourself, do we need a congressman who waited until it was easy to fight or one who has the courage to fight for you when no one else would. 

Please take the time to research all the candidates running on the democratic side, look at the total package... education, service, business experience, character, guts, compassion, look you in the eye man... I believe you’ll make the same decision my family friends and myself have... we support Steve Woodsmall for Congress.

All that being said, it takes money to run a campaign. Please donate $5.00 $10.00 $25.00 or whatever you can to Woodsmall for Congress. This is a time unlike any in our country’s history. We need and deserve someone in Washington who will speak for us, stand for us, fight for us. 

Please help this fighter if you can. Merry Christmas, God Bless.

Richard Mueller, USAF Major, Retired, Career Meteorologist

Hello Team Woodsmall!

This is Rich here… As a long-time WNC resident and a retired USAF Officer, I am pleased to announce my support for Dr. Steve Woodsmall to become our next representative to Congress for NC District 11.  I reached this decision after much thought.  Like many of you, I wanted to consider all of the candidates' abilities to best represent the 11th District and the national interests during these trying times.  Steve surfaced as the best choice. 

I say this, because he has the life experience, the educational background and he demonstrates a willingness to listen to the concerns of everyone.  He listens and adapts knowing that assimilation of all ideas will make us stronger! 

One of the other two candidates that I researched is Michael O'Shea.  In my opinion he is very well intentioned, and represents the feelings so many of us have about current politics, but his time is not now.  The times in which we live demand seasoned professionals. With more experience, his future is bright, and his day will surely come. 

The other candidate, also a retired USAF officer, did not show a willingness to earn my vote.  When I reached out to his campaign, I was told by one of the staffers to show up at one of the campaign events and the candidate would make time for me.

Steve, on the other hand, contacted me personally when I reached out.  He called me on the very night that I reached out to him.  We talked for an hour, and he insisted we meet for breakfast the next morning.  We swapped military stories, as service people do.   We clicked, each knowing what it means to have commanded men and women in uniform.   I also directly asked him why I should support him instead of his opponent.  His positions, his candor, his widespread support, his personality and his intellect convinced me that he is the best choice we have to beat Mark Meadows and serve the interests of the district and the nation. 

Hilary Johnson-Lutz, PhD Major, USAF-Retired

I’d like to endorse my good friend, Steve Woodsmall, for Congress. Steve and I have known each other for several years, long before he had any political aspirations. We met during our PhD program colloquium and bonded over our Air Force service. Steve has always embodied the Air Force’s core values of Integrity First, Service before Self and Excellence in all we do. He’s a truth teller, a hard worker, and always willing to give a helping hand. Although I am not a resident of North Carolina, the stakes cannot be higher for us as a nation. I know that Steve Woodsmall will go to Congress and start working immediately for not only the interests of North Carolina but the interests of the entire country."

Hilary Johnson-Lutz, PhD
Major, USAF-Retired

Vets 4 Steve

If you'd like to endorse Steve and are a vet, send us an email at

Vets 4 Steve

If you'd like to endorse Steve and are a vet, send us an email at