Thank you to all my supporters.


Former Congressional Candidate

2017 NC Senior Games Golf Champion

2017 NC Senior Games Golf Champion

2017 NC Senior Games Golf Champion2017 NC Senior Games Golf Champion2017 NC Senior Games Golf Champion

Remember I stood up and tried to do the right thing when it wasn't easy or popular. ....Gone Golfing

Thank you


A Message from Steve

I traveled this district since last March, including the two counties that were drawn out of the district. I met some great people and listened to their concerns. The enthusiasm for our campaign was both motivating and humbling.

I can’t thank our supporters enough for their time, effort, and contributions. Thanks for realizing that I ran for the right reasons and to do the right thing. The electoral process is flawed by emotion and money, and unless we elect those who stand for something, we will fall for anything.

Thanks for doing the homework and evaluating the candidates, and deciding I was the best person to represent you. Sadly, not everyone takes that same time and energy; too many voters don’t even know who they’re voting for, or why.

Thanks to all the incredible people who endorsed me—unlike many of the specials interest groups, these folks based their support on knowing the candidate and believing in what we stood for, not just who raised the most money. I did everything possible to earn your trust and your vote, and I’m sorry we didn’t get the job done. I will continue to stand on principles and values, and still strive to “leave it better than I found it.” I hope you will keep in touch and continue to stay engaged and informed. 

Again, it was a true honor to get to know all of you and gain your support. I’m proud to live in WNC, and will see you down the road!