Woodsmall for congress 2020

District 11 Democrat NC

District 11 Democrat NC

District 11 Democrat NC District 11 Democrat NC District 11 Democrat NC

Join us! Be part of the Solution and bring back real representation to WNC: 

Transylvania County Board of Commissioners Volunteer Award

Serving The Country and Community

Steve has a long history of service. For his country with the United States Air Force, and for his community, with nonprofit leadership and county government.  

Military Experience:  Steve was was promoted eight times in his eighteen years of military service.

 Non-profit and Volunteer experience: Steve has been a part of the community and active in volunteering with his wife in local charities. He was given a volunteer award for serving on the Transylvania County Planning Board in 2019.  Steve was on the Board of Directors of the Brevard Little Theatre and appeared in numerous productions.  Steve's wife, BJ, designed and painted sets for BLT. They have been active in raising money for the local NAACP, Tundra (the Snowy Owl), and the Transylvania County Children's Center. 

Additionally they donate their time and money to WNC Project Linus, Brevard Bread of Life, Rise and Shine, Free Rein, The Sharing House, The Rice Community Garden, Arbor Day Foundation, National Wildlife Federation and Environmental Defense Fund.  Children, animals, and the environment are important to Steve to protect.  He has lived locally and continues to serve locally.

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United By A Common Goal

Steve is solution oriented. There are no Republican or Democrat problems, there are only problems. Problems that hurt average Americans. Steve fights for solutions that make sense. 

Steve has Business and Education experience. His students have gone on to open small businesses and his Non-Profit class was instrumental in opening the local Pisgah Paws Cafe.

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Fighting Corruption

Steve pledges to take on big money in Washington that has corrupted our political system and stalled congress. That's why he's pledged to take no corporate PAC money.

Steve has Government experience.  He has trained FAA Managers and Executives and worked in DC at the Security Exchange Commission.

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